Vermont Simple House 1 stock plans are finished !

Vemont Simple House 1

Plans are now up and for sale on one of the largest stock plan publishing houses in their “exclusive architects” section!
My plan is to produce a series of similar houses increasing in scale and amenities and see how it goes. is a progressive company with a good vision as to where the market is headed. They also have huge site traffic numbers. Keeping my fingers crossed. It took me forever to finish the plans and model for this first house, I suspect I am being a perfectionist again.


  • I am trying to go through your blog on my apple company iphone, but its not working for some reason. Can you let me and other subscribers know what we need to do to read through it by way of this kind of device.

  • bob says:

    As I am not a techy person, I have no clue. My blog is simple a wordpress template which I update regularly. I will ask my techy nerdy friends.

  • nikki says:

    I love this house! I live up here in Alaska and have been looking for something like this and alas after several months of looking have found the perfect house plan for us! Thank you so much. Do you have other real life photos of this home? Thanks!

  • bob says:

    Thanks, did you check the site? I’m out for a few days and I’ll check back on Tuesday. There is another on the way that you can see from my blog within the past month too.

  • bob says:

    Nikki – this particular house was never built. It was based on a design which won an award a while back. here is the link to houseplans where it is for sale.
    Alternately you can purchase direct but I have to charge $250 more than on houseplans as per my contract with them

  • Bill Perkins says:

    I am building a net zero house for myself. Coming from a painting background, I have been running through some Ideas for a simple modern farmhouse that is relatively easy to maintain . Maybe we should chat? Thanks Bill Perkins

  • Nikki says:

    I am curious to see if this house was built yet. I thought I saw a picture of it recently. I am still very much interested in this house design. Thanks.

  • bob says:

    Alas, no It has not been built yet that I know of.

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