Site planning and a holistic aproach to design

It’s not often I get to do this. I am usually called in when it is too late to have much input into overall site design on a rural project. I am a scholar of historic farm and homestead planning and I am always acutely aware of the relationships between the various elements of the site whether natural, man-made, Solar, weather, history (stone walls and old roads, etc – very important in New England) and the buildings that are located to be a part of the landscape (or not as is often the case) Design often starts with floor plans but is so much richer in the long run when the site is considered with as much rigor and intensity as the floor plans. How a home “lives” is very much a function of how the land outside the walls of the house “lives” from the point outside the front door to the yards to the property lines to the town, region, state…


  • Don Fuhrman says:

    Wow!!! Boy was I surprised to see this image! I didn’t recognize it right away. But then I double clicked on it to see the full image. “Hmmm… that looks strangely familiar. Hold on!” Yay. Linda has gone to bed, but I can surprise her in the morning. Thanks!

  • bob says:

    wondered if you were checking. I stopped at the site with Abigail Von Fluffelrump for a few mornings which was incredibly helpful. I’, going to go over it a bit today and add some notes and thought and send it along before the weekend. Some good stuff!

  • Greg La Vardera says:

    Very nice Bob – great site diagram.

  • bob says:

    quick, dirty and fairly accurate but rather computery. It pins down some stuff to think on further – which it was intended for. I suppose I could sketch over it and make it more “architecty” too. I’ll take it back to the site next time I go to see how it feels.

  • Linda Fuhrman says:

    was delighted when Don showed me the stuff in the morning. Quite a treat to see the project is stimulating the creatiev juices. Hoping you and Abigail continue to enjoy…
    The team starting the access road may be starting today or tomorrow…

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