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By November 22, 2011projects

Sometimes it helps me to think about how a plan “lives” by spending some time on it with colored pencils and markers exploring relationships, light, land…. This design is similar to a house I’m working on right now but there are a few crucial differences that represent how I would have developed the design. As an architect I often think about what I would do with a design as opposed to what the clients want me to do. Perhaps it’s therapeutic.

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  • Jeremiah says:

    Great post. I often find that it’s easy for architects to get caught up in “the building” and forget that the building sits on a site that has surroundings and users not only have to be IN the building, but they have to get to it, move around it, park near it, etc. We need to remember that our job doesn’t begin and end within the extents of the building envelope, but rather extends out sometimes far beyond the property line.

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