Perry Road Porches

By December 13, 2010projects, working with an architect

I have started working on the Perry Road porches. Freezing my butt off and that sort of thing. But it is fun to do a bit of carpentry again. I will post pics here as things progress.

sketchup model of the Perry Road house porches

This is yesterdays (1-4) photo. I spent today finishing up details before metal roofing goes on. The whole thing is solid and straight. One of the things I like about carpentry is the problem solving aspect. I like to figure out the whole enough to know I won’t get into trouble on a detail later on. There is an aspect of improvisation to it. When I built my fern house, there were no drawings. I sketched out enough of the whole to understand that the details would be easily solved as I went along – and they were. I suppose this is not very architecty of me but it works out fine. I think this is what separates good carpenters from the rest – the ability to look ahead and work with all levels from the whole to the minute details simultaneously. I have often seen carpenters do what seems easy or logical at the moment only to get boxed into a bad detail resolution later on because of the inability to conceptualize the whole. Much of my detailing as an architect is just enough to guide a builder along a path without them getting boxed in but allowing room for improvisation and improvement.

We got the roofing on last week in time for the big snowstorm


  • Michele says:

    Hi Bob,

    How did the Perry Road Project come out? Were the owner/builders available to work on the project full time?

    What are your thoughts on taking on owner/builder projects?



  • bob says:

    The Perry Road project is incomplete and probably always will be (no certificate of completion required around here) They continue to pick away at it and they
    love the light and space. I do a fair number of owner builder projects. Sometimes just consulting and sometimes full design services. It usually means tuning the construction methods and details a bit towards someone’s strengths and experience – In the case of the Perry road project I steared the owners towards structural insulated panels because I knew that if they were to frame the house themselves, it would take forever and a divorce might occur.

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