One page Construction Document Set

Here is an example of a basic one-page-wonder construction drawing for a simple house. Not all the information is here to build a house but an expert builder can fill in missing details. For example, I put the stairs in the section with a very basic level of detail to make sure they work and meet code, however, I did not detail anything further than that. The stairs could be built in a very modern way with cable railings or very old fashioned with spindle ballusters and a newell posts. I concentrated on the overall aesthetic, proper Greek Revival details for the location and good building science practices with a very detailed double stud wall section from foundation to roof.


  • Sean in NY says:

    It looks great! Do you include the 3D modeling in your initial proposal / budget, or is an add-on that you have to sell to the client? I’m very curious as to how to incorporate 3D in at a small-to-medium residential scale more economically.

  • bob says:

    I am able to design and build a model in sketchup in about 10 hours for a house this simple. It helps me get everything right before I hit the 2D Cad stuff. I rarely do any real development of the model to make it photorealistic or anything. I am interested only in getting form and function pinned down as well as gain a sense of the inside spaces that would be difficult in 2D. I am probably faster than most at this sort of thing. #D images get saved as .jpg files, tuned up in Photoshop and added into the construction docs. In this case I realized that doing more than one elevation would be unneccessary because of the image on the plans. Since this is not a bid set and the builder is known, I can get away with doing it this way. The 3d stuff is a given. There are times when the model is enough for the builder to get a sense of cost closely enough to give a preliminary estimate.

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