Octagon Timber Frame Outbuilding

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A recent small project to house a Mongolian “ger”

octagon building


  • Frank King says:

    How could I get a copy of the hexagonal shed plans?


  • bob says:

    Hi Frank,
    I’ll look at what I have later today. If I recall it was just a one page plan.

  • bob says:

    I added to the post a few images of the finished octagon shed plus what the plans looked like. They did a different solution for the center cupola creating a compression ring out of welded metal where I originally had a black metal “spider” I hadn’t thought of selling this plan as I do some of my others but I would consider it if you are interested.

  • william Kitchens says:

    I found your octagonal shed and would like to build a barn/garage similar to what you have created. I would to know more about the compression ring use. My thoughts are for a 40-45 ft (dia) 16 sided structure with a 12/12 pitch roof with copula (like yours). This would allow for a second floor for storage. My trusses would be less decorative and more traditional (2X6 lumber). I have an ideal for costs except for the compression ring – would you mind sharing what your estimated cost would be for such a compression ring. Or what you would charge for plans. Thank you William Kitchens – Wkitchens@msn.com

  • bob says:

    Hi William,
    The builder came up with the ring on his own which was different than what I already had designed (which shows in the plan at the bottom of the blog entry) The metal ring that got built is in the view looking up into the cupola. When faced with such an item of metal work, there are lots of local folks who can do this work and I usually just ask the builder who he likes to use. And it’s not usually very expensive <$1000 in the grand scheme of things especially when it simplifies framing otherwise. In terms of plans, due to the size, I would suggest starting with digging through some of the plan sites online that sell barns and outbuildings. There may be something close that you can modify. The plans for this one would not be very useful unless you are interested in maintaining similar proportions. I think the Diameter was only about 24'

  • Kathryn says:

    I have been dreaming about building a shed for myself for years as I can not afford to buy for myself in Perth WA.
    I’d love to buy some land and build something similar. I would make 8 rooms like a colour wheel in soft pastel tones and the centre all white for a large white lounge room.
    a large round shabby chic rug with 2 huge half moon lounges in the centre.
    I am studying Interior Design, as well as running my own tiny business and working part-time in Corporate Floristry & Events.
    I lived in Switzerland for 10 years and saw some amazing barns and buildings.

    I thank you for sharing Mr Swinburne Robert 🙂

  • Frank Kempster says:

    Hello Robert, hope you are well.
    My name is Frank Kempster, I live in the Kawartha Lakes region in Ontario Canada.
    I am looking for plans for a 1050-1150 sqft octagon home.

    Two bedroom with one larger bath .
    Looking at your design I think it would be very economical to build.
    I am on a disability pension and money savings are key.
    My lot had a home on it that was full of mold and asbestos which I didn’t
    know until it almost killed me. I was sick for 18 months until I found out what
    was happening to me. So I tore my home down and am really wanting to build
    something unique.

    Thank you very much
    Take care
    God Bless
    Frank & Florence Kempster

  • bob says:

    Hi Frank and Florence,
    I took your phone numbers out of the comment for your privacy.
    This building was essentially a 600 square foot shed although some people have adapted the plans to make a small home. There are a LOT of homes out there that are very unhealthy to live in.
    I do have a few plans on the site that might fit the bill in terms of function and economics.
    But also check out VERMOD http://vermodhomes.com/ for a very economical and healthy option.

  • Laura Allen says:

    Hi, Wondering if it is possible to get this plan as a pdf?



  • bob says:

    Yes, I have sold a few for $150 It’s basically the sheet at the bottom of the blog post plus the sketchup model.

  • Laura Allen says:

    Good to know that option is available. Might be interested in purchasing in the near future.

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