I’m trying out something new: a smaller scale simplified plan with all major reference information on the front cover so the contractor has one place to find all sections, details and locate windows and doors.

Robert Swinburne Vermont Architect super insulated house brattleboro

The floor plan gets broken into three 1/2″ scale sheets later in the set. I learned that from looking at a set of very complete drawings from a big-time NY firm that a contractor friend was building from. 1/4″ per foot drawings are more traditional but 1/2″ scale (twice as big) is very relevant to modern high efficiency buildings where framing is much more relevant to windows and doors as well as being easier to understand air sealing details. There are also places where I need to show actual framing in plan.
Robert Swinburne vermont architect Brattleboro

I also try to get relevant section details on the same sheets as the overall sections where possible. I learned this from my days as a carpenter as well as through feedback from builders over the years.

Robert Swinburne vermont architect


  • Suzanne Tannenbaum says:

    Wow, SMART, love your work
    Suzanne. 2016

  • Rhaud Madonald says:

    As a former Building Technology instructor and now intermittent designer of residential and small commercial projects ( an “alternate builder/contractor from the early 70’s) I admire your commitment to thoroughness, your passion to go beyond just “good enough” and fearlessness to think outside ‘the box’ (pun intended)…. Your creativity and integrity is to be respected….. Thanx for your blog….
    Rhaud 28/04/2016

  • bob says:

    Thanks. I need compliments sometimes. It’s a difficult biz to be in especially on my own. I look for improvements where I can but I have a long way to go.

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