I really like metal siding, very sleek, low maintence, and good shadow lines.  It can almost look like tight crisp clapboards.  There is some question as to who installs; the roofer or the carpenters?  The wood above got stained dark brown and the wood around the door was stained red!


  • mangeek says:

    I absolutely love metal siding, but more because it lasts -forever- and can stand up to the elements so well. I have aluminum siding now, and it actually looks better than my vinyl-covered neighbors, most people think I still have wood clapboard siding until they get really close! I just wish I could get under it and put down a thin shell of insulation (like that 2mm thick aerogel stuff I emailed you about).

    The problem I have is that anything that happens to the siding (outside of dirt, which can be hosed-off) happens permanently. I’ve definitely ticked-off my girlfriend a few times by saying ‘watch out! that dents forever!’ when she leans something up against the house.

    Have you read the ‘transmaterial’ series of books? they have a lot of cool materials like the one in your picture that have applications that I think you’d like.

  • kathleen says:

    I’m nuts about that siding. If we ever get around to building an outbuilding, I want to use that somewhere on the structure. Where does it come from? A roof supply company? It would also look cool in fencing, framed with wood. So many possibilities. I’d want to paint it, too!

  • bob says:

    Fabral – it is roofing.
    it comes in many colors and shapes. Lots of other manufacturers out there too.

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