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By June 13, 2011projects

Now for sale here !
The plans are ready for sale and now include a sketchup model. Several have already been constructed from the plans.
pay with personal check to Robert Swinburne at 72 Cotton Mill Hill, Brattleboro VT 05301 or paypal – robertswinburne@gmail.com


  • Tatiana Koretskaia says:

    Dear Mr. Swinburne,

    I came across the images of your Fern House on TinyHouseblog.com and liked it a lot. We are looking to build the similar structure to put the ping pong table in it and to be able to play. Please, let me know if the dimensions (floor plan of Fern House) will allow for it. If not, would it be possible to adjust the plans (for additional fee)?

    Thank you!

  • bob says:

    Hi Tatiana, the dimensions are about 9′ x 11.5′ inside. Probably not big enough for ping pong.. Check out this article: http://tabletennis.about.com/od/hometabletennisrooms/a/home_room_size.htm A full sized table is about 9 by 5 plus room on either end and you’re up to about 20′ long x at least ten feet wide. I think it would be a completely different structure – foundation support, size of structural members, etc even if going for the same aesthetic.

  • kathy mccall says:

    wind load rating?

  • bob says:

    None – I would have to put it out to an engineer to design connections through to foundation.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have admired your sleeping porch for nearly a year now. My family lives in Washington state which often experiences great rainfall mixed with wind. In such weather conditions, do you find some sweeping rain making its way on to the floorboards or bed? Thank you!

  • bob says:

    Hi – I’m headed to Seattle in a few weeks. Yes, in a driving rainstorm the mattress will get wet. If I’m clever and prepared I’ll run out and put a sheet of plastic on it. Otherwise, it just has to dry out. I originally was going to put up some shear curtains which would have stopped much of the rain. The floorboards do get wet sometimes. The house is well protected in the woods so wind is not severe. It is looking somewhat worse for wear lately as I didn’t use cedar or pressure treated wood.

  • Paul Sevier says:


    I am thinking of building this fern house in southern Maryland in a very wooded area on my seaside property. Do you have plans available? What is the cost? How do I pay for the plans?



  • Paul Sevier says:

    do you still plan for building fern house?

  • Paul Sevier says:

    Is a building plan still available for the fern house? If so, what is the cost?

  • bob says:

    Plans are available
    I recently updated the entry with how to purchase them.

  • ben says:

    hi, am considering buying your plans and building this. wondering if you had an approx guess on materials cost? thinking green treated to sustain michigan winters. thanks

  • bob says:

    I would roughly guess $1000 – I did mine without much pressure treated and it cost about $600 years ago. (It will have a shorter shelf life due to using untreated lumber for sure) Also, I originally used clear PVC roofing and that was a big mistake. (it lasted only a few years then I replaced it with polycarbonate which was a bit more money. Often a local lumberyard would be willing to do a materials takeoff and estimate.

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