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I am gathering old blog material to sort through in hopes of coming up with a half dozen topics that would make a good set of articles to pitch to my local newspaper. The overall subject would be “Home Design” or something along those lines. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?
Budgeting and Cost control
Building science
additions and master planning


  • Brian Ragsdale says:

    I like this idea….how about working with a general contractor on remodeling. Seasonal issues relating to home care–you know, when to check boiler, replace things. How to work with architectures; should i replace windows; how about the top 10 websites that you like and why….hope these ideas help

  • bob says:

    I am, as usual, scatter brained and haven’t worked on this for a few weeks. But good ideas! Now I’ll probably get swamped with work and drop the ball entirely. I need to become one of those people who sleep only 4 hours each night.

  • Troy says:


    I have followed your blog for a while – thanks for writing it. I’m going to make a few suggestions, and please take them for what they are – just suggestions / opinions. I mean this in the best spirit, and I’m rooting for your success.

    Your blog entries are often centered around “people need to understand my value”. I will put forth: no they don’t, and they never will. I suggest a turn around: you should clearly understand what they value.

    I will give an example: my martial arts teacher continually muttered about “people just don’t understand the value of learning self defense,” for a number of years. He asked for some help on a new strategy, as his business was failing. Long story short: after coming to grips with the fact that most people don’t care about him, his business or the greater destiny of martial arts, he changed his pitch to “an answer for bullying”. He changed his images from the kung-fu fighter (he is in love with this whole genre) to the concerned mom and her troubled kid – and a solution within martial arts. In essence, he is selling an improved quality of life. He ended up with lots more customers. He is no longer marketing to 16-year old Bruce Lee wannabes, but 30+ year old concerned moms.

    Toward your idea of newspaper articles: As you endeavor to write these, I would consider what people want really want in their own language. Do they want “home design”? Of course not – they want an improved quality of life, which good architecture provides. I will assume they want an uplifting environment that is both within their range of cost and speaks to their values. I would suggest you brainstorm the top 5 values of the market audience, as they relate to their homes.

    Here are mine:
    – I want to feel comfortable and refreshed at home
    – I want my home to be uplifting to visitors – I want people to want to be there
    – I want spaces to work, relax and have fun
    – I want it to be economical to maintain (actually no maintenance would be great)
    – I want it to retain & gain value

    I think these are things that most people aren’t going to get “DIY”. You need an expert to translate needs to designs, then oversee execution. Value should be put into the terms of the spender, not the provider.

    I hope this gives you some ideas to think about – and I hope it’s not taken as offensive or condescending. A lot of small business owners I know can’t afford a marketing expert – and they end up in the same trap that they complain about towards their own potential customers – they don’t see the value of “marketing expertise”.

    Best of luck to you,

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