Connor Homes in Middlebury VT

I’m probably shooting myself in the foot here because this company is sort of on my turf. Unfortunately they are too far away for me to go work for. Connor Homes in Middlebury Vermont has a “pre-engineered and component building system” that is very appealing to me as delivery process for a high end new home. Loads of other companies are doing the same thing but Connor Homes is one of the few who are doing beautiful New England vernacular both well and correctly. As an architect snob I am constantly offended by failed attempts at historically correct detailing both by builders and by other architects.


  • I admire your work. Not many people do good traditional houses these days.

    If you enjoy collecting pattern books you may like mine, if you do not have them already, FENCES, GAZEBOS, BRICK PAVEMENT and PRIVIES.
    Hundreds of droughts! All from American Historic Sites.

    I am finishing my eighth book American Doors for Bauer & Dean it should be available 2014.

    If you google my name or the titles of the books you should find examples of the things I have discovered.

    You will enjoy them!

    I am planning a trip to Vermont in June. I want to include more from your state in my work.

    Thank you.

    In Christ Jesus,
    Peter Joel Harrison

  • bob says:

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the compliments. I have your pattern books (especially sheds) on my to purchase list. I had actually, for a while, considered enrolling in the Masters in Historic Preservation at UMass Amherst. But realized I was probably better off just making a more concerted effort to do what I already do which is to keep my eyes open, observe and learn. My own work, regardless of style, is full of things I would have done differently, details I screwed up on, things I accidentally got right etc. I’m my own worst critic. The Connor folks seem to be on a level above everybody with the historically accurate detailing.

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