mindel and morse builders Brattleboro Vermont

I have completed many projects with Mindel and Morse Builders over a 22 year period.

Helm Construction Solutions Brattleboro Vermont

Vermont Natural Homes

Currently building the Greenfield project. Timber framing, straw bale, plaster…

Brilliant lighting Brattleboro

Mathes Hulme Builders

Webster Construction Marlboro Vermont

David Powell Whitingham Vermont

Seon sustatinable energy outreach network

The mission of SEON is to create an interrelated network of local businesses, educational institutions, and public sector participants dedicated to providing educational resources to improve the economic sustainability of the SE Vermont Region.


FourSevenFive.com – building materials and consultation for high performance homes.

ENVI heater – electric convection wall heater

Journal of Light Construction – a wealth of building information – buy the cd!

local stone for countertops and floors etc.

Klearwall windows

High Performance windows and doors – used on Greenfield house


knowledge community

Kinsey Construction Vermont

Dylan Kinsey is a high performance home builder in West Glover Vermont

Sticks and Stones

Greg Wallace is a high performance home builder in Central Vermont

EarthShare construction

Ethan Cole is a high performance builder in Lebanon NH