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This is what the web is all about.  Guy Marsden has a sprawling website (over 200 pages)  that I highly recommend only if you can relax for a while.  Guy is everything from an artist – he worked on “Star Wars” – to an inventor/engineer.  Much of the site is related to trying to be realistically self sufficient. I found lots of low-budget-do-it-yourself information as well as things for the more engineery types among us (of which I am not one of) (yet) such as his conversion of his gas lawn mower to solar charged DC batteries. ( my solution is simply to not mow the lawn)  I found lots of good materials and product resources as well.  This is something I’m always looking for as much of my work is very budget oriented and I am faced with questions such as ” should I spend twice as much on triple glazed windows or is there a shade or window quilt or storm window or panel that could do the job for 1/4 the cost?”


  • kathleen says:

    I’m with you re: mowing. I’ve drastically reduced the grass around our house and am very pleased with the result. Of course, I’m married to one of those engineery types. I’ll pass this website on to him. He’ll be thrilled.

  • tekart says:

    I’m glad that you found my web site engaging and relevant. Having been committed to Sustainable Living since the turn of the century, folks will find lots of useful info on that topic and how to save energy in their home.

    Small correction, I worked on “Star Trek” in 1979 – not “Star Wars” which woulf make me more than 15 years older! 🙂


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