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The Home Office


I often work at home when I really need to get things done. With a 900 s.f. house there isn’t any place but the kitchen table most of the year but when summer comes, I get to work out at my big oak desk in the barn loft. There is no cell phone signal and no internet but I do have a land line. I am able to focus incredibly well in the barn and I often listen to previously downloaded podcasts of books from Librivox or I simply listen to the wind and the birds. Occasionally my daughter invades the space to play with toys or swing on her swing. I built the barn myself over several years with pine from our woods and hemlock framing from Kerber Lumber, a local mill.

barn loft

work desk in the barn loft

Bob's barn exterior evening image


  1. I surely do love that barn – you would be hard pressed to find we working at the kitchen table with the big oak desk available

  2. Uh wait..did someone just comment on the blog post? I was too busy working on detailing a cool modernist project out in the barn.

  3. You are a very gifted architect. I love your work.

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