Rudyard Kipling's Naulakha
Rudyard Kipling's Naulakha

Rudyard Kipling’s Naulakha


My Brother in law graduated from Vermont Law School last weekend. That’s him in the photo below

Therefore lots of in-laws descended upon the area for a weekend of visiting. My Mom-in-law is so smart that she rented out Naulakha – the brief home of Rudyard Kipling where he wrote the Captains Courageous, The Seven Seas, and both Jungle Books before he got chased out of Vermont. (another interesting story)

The house and grounds are part of The Landmark Trust, a worldwide organization that oversees historically significant properties around the world – some of which you can stay in. Naulakha is a fascinating house of excellent design and I had much fun with my daughter poking around everywhere. I want one.

There is even an original toilet!

(photo deleted)

Naps were taken often

Alden nursed about it.

and porches were put to good use.

According to a very important source, fairies are living in holes in the stone walls at the summer house and apparently they become very angry at intruders “oh no, Fairy holes – run away, run away!”

Architectural Folly at Naulakha

The kitchen was extremely cool You can find some floor plans for Naulakha here which show how long and narrow (22′) the house is. Click on “accomodations”
kitchen at Naulakha

Rates are pretty reasonable when you collect 8 people together for a three night minimum stay.

Here are some additional links:
Connecticut River Joint Commission has a good article on Naulakha
The Landmark Trust rents it out and has plans on their website


  1. I’m already thinking of more excuses to gather people together…

  2. I think they have writers workshops there

  3. Hi Bob, found your blog tonight and had some questions. Can you please email me at My wife and I are looking to build this year and I’m in need of some modern farmhouse style plans. You appear to be right on track. Thanks much, David

  4. I play the soundtrack of sunrise every once in a while and pretend I’m back there.

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