1. Great!! Wish you all the best (from Poland), to Samuel! And to Charlotte, your wife and you too!

  2. From Poland! How very cool!

  3. wow, that beats any architecture you could make…wonderful. congratulations.

  4. That’s great!!
    God is good

  5. the most important pieces of architecture we’ll ever make in life. Congrats! now, quick, go get some sleep! :-P

  6. Congratulations! It has been a few years since the birth of your first child and you have probably forgot about all the things Dad’s have to deal with…. pooh, pooh, postpartum, and then more pooh, pooh, and postpartum. Don’t fear! You’ll forget again….

  7. very nice! congratulations from your friend in Texas

  8. i’ve been following your blog for a while now, but sorry to say i haven’t commented much. i really like your work and enjoy reading your musings on running your own business. you have a great attitude.

    your latest addition has inspired me to break my silence. congratulations to you and your family. it’s a very exciting time for sure. we’ve just had our second child as well. Malcolm was born at the end of November. hope you have as much fun as we are. but don’t stop writing ;) cheers!

    derek from victoria bc

  9. Nice to meet you Derek, feel free to chime in whenever. I love finding out a bit about who reads this stuff!

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