Tiny House Plan for Sale


Now Taking orders for the plans for the Brattleboro Tiny House. The size is 16′ x 22′ with a sleeping loft. Super insulated double stud construction using advanced framing techniques. An excellent do-it-yourself project. Replace your old garage with something that can make an income as a rental unit or build this as a guest house/studio/office/….. Contact me at bob@swinburnearchitect.com if you are interested and/or have questions.

Plan sheet for 16' x 22' Brattleboro Tiny House


  1. Do you have pictures of what it looks like (e.g. scale/room set up)? Does it include running water/kitchen/bathroom?

  2. More can be found at the website of the original builders of this house. The plans differ slightly. http://www.calebclark.org/?p=1928

  3. Hi,
    Is it possible to get these plans with the same tiny house that is 16 x 22 be drawn for 16 x 32 ?? if not I’ll have to live with it. I really like this little house.

    Best Regards,
    Douglas Gabriel

  4. This is designed to be easy to go longer. I don’t have the drawings for anything other than the 16×22 at the moment. It would take, maybe ten hours to produce another drawing with added length.

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