Tiny House in Brattleboro


I’m working on a new project – a tiny house in Brattleboro Vermont. The house will be about 320 square feet and will replace an existing garage and serve as a rental unit. The goal of the owners is to build this this for under 30k. Obviously, that includes doing the general contracting themselves. My job, aside from coming up with a nice design that everybody will love, is to thoroughly vet the products and techniques in order to achieve this goal. There is a difference between designing and detailing to hand off to a regular G.C. and what I do for an owner builder. Especially when it comes to super-insulation and budget issues. The clients are blogging about it Tiny house in Brattleboro, Vermont for under 30k (hopefully) blog The context and budget seemed to indicate to me a more traditional form. I may play with materials a bit on the exterior.


  1. This is fantastic! I would love to replace my garage with something like this. A nice workroom with a loft, I could convert it to an in-law apartment or put guests up in it.

    What are the dimensions and features (kitchenette? bathroom?).

  2. Mangeek. Caleb here, I’m building the Tiny house with my wife in Brattleboro. It’s 16′ by 22′ with a kitchen and bathroom with WD. See my blog here with more details. http://www.calebclark.org/?p=1928

  3. Wow super cute tiny house I love to stay here..

  4. This is fantastic! I love to stay here…

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