1. i saw the fern house on Tiny House and love it! what did you use for the roof, it looks like maybe HDPE or some other see-through stuff? do you have plans for the fern house? i am looking for ideas for making my ranch house’s patio into a screened in porch, and i like the rustic look and practicality of your design. i’m thinking of a see-through roof so i could mount solar path lights up there to charge during the day and shine through at night. ???

  2. No plans, I just wung it. (can you believe I’m an architect?) I may draw it up someday. Palruf brand polycarbonate corrugated – I think you can find it at Home Despot. Stay away from PVC, it won’t last. I have done other clear roof porches with double wall polycarbonate from Sundance Supply ( an online greenhouse supply source) Solar lights should work fine. They are much better than they were a decade ago.

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