Barn Update – Summer 09


Here is a recent photo of my cool modernist low budget barn. I spent quite a bit of time working on work in the barn this summer. Not so much time working on the barn itself however.


  1. That is a very enchanting barn. Nice work!

  2. Very nice and clean. I love how you removed some of the horizontal siding on the main level. I’m sure it helps bring diffused daylight in during the daytime but it is also quite impressive to see it glow from the outside at night. What does the inside look like?

  3. actually I haven’t finished that part yet. I will probably add some intermediate slats as I started to in the upper right. But not evenly and noteverywhere. The space inside is one bay deep (10′) and the light is incredible. I used a UV protected translucent greenhouse tarp material. The slats are screwed on in case I have to replace the plastic in 10 years. I should clean it up (bicycles and tools and stuffffff) and photograph it on the inside.

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