1. Looks good so far. Not sure about the garage. A gable there would be nice.

  2. I have a variety of garage options. The gable looked so suburban and too busy. (this is a rural house in the woods) and there isn’t room in the budget for an actual barn so I tried this simple form that you see everywhere around here. More vernacular- less gentrified. I expect that with dark siding this form might feel right. A gabled garage would look nice if it was only 12′ to 16′ wide. The house is actually smallish.

  3. On second look, that makes sense. A gable would be more like the cookie cutter homes I’m used to seeing around these parts.

  4. Oohhh, I like this one. Any more views to post? And I think the garage is perfect!

  5. Do you offer plans of your modern farmhouse?

  6. Not yet. It’s on my list of things to do if business slows down. I should look at the drawings I have and see how close they are to being ready to list on Houseplans.com

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