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“Bluetime” is the winter twilight time when I am in my office working hard or going for a snowshoe after work and the world here in Vermont turns a quiet and luminescent blue before it gets dark. This is an especially focusing and productive time of day for me when I begin my transition from work to family.

Bluetime Collaborative represents the evolution of my firm Robert Swinburne – Architect LLC. Bluetime Collaborative reflects a shift toward a more integrated and holistic approach to design and construction where all collaborators are involved with all aspects of a project from start to finish. The result is a higher quality project with a greater degree of control over all aspects of construction for clients, architects and builders.

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triple glazed windows

Windows – decision making process

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I am grappling with window issues for several projects right now. Designing, choosing, pricing and detailing windows is much more complicated than it was as recently as 5 years ago. I used to simply specify window sizes and the builder would have the lumber yard price a few lines or…


the ALL -NEW Vermont Architect website and blog !

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There have been some changes here spurred on by completely screwing up my blog last Friday when I hit “update” and everything disappeared. It wasn’t really gone of course. But my backup copy made the day before wouldn’t work. (I couldn’t figure out how to make it work) Evidently, ignoring…


Baiser Construction Management – an intro

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This is from Mel Baiser of Baiser Construction Management. I am working with her on several projects and here is what she has to say about the Greenfield project. I have the great fortune of teaming up with Architect Bob Swinburne of Bluetime Collaborative and builder, Chad Mathrani of Vermont…

"WOW!!! That is gorgeous!!!! Thank you! Wow! So many elegant solutions to so many parameters!!!! Wow! The wood storage is great, the access great.... the space looks open and beautifully opened up by windows and a high roof..... it is so elegant and simple a design. Lovely!"

− Client

"It looks great and it is the kind of small change with dramatic results that we wouldn’t have thought of but for your visit. Thanks!"

− client

"it's so amazing to look at something we all worked so hard to make a reality...every little detail that I fussed about or you insisted was important all came together beautifully"

− client

"I've worked with Bob for a long time. He has a wonderful design sense and is great at envisioning the use of space, especially small spaces. His current knowledge and use of evolving energy efficient building techniques makes him uniquely placed to provide cutting edge service to the building industry."

− builder

"Robert Swinburne is a highly creative and intuitive architect who was very responsive to my ideas and needs. We had a difficult layout in our house due to prior renovations being done without any attention to quality or aesthetics. We also had several requirements to be met. I spoke with a few contractors, who could not come up with a satisfactory plan - something had to be left out somewhere, in each. Robert took all of the different problem areas and worked out a simple new layout that gave us a wonderful new entry, kitchen, dining room and laundry room that covered problems I hadn't even recognized and beautifully enhanced our whole home. Since then, he has been my go to guy for any new ideas that I have for improvements"

− client